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HW Trading Group. Who are we and why are we here?

HW Trading Group is a privately run organisation specialising in digitally enhanced education, specifically applied to Mathematics for students in their early years of school. Our brands are built on a foundation of passion and determination to make a difference across the education sector. 

At this stage in 2019 our group is made up of three brands; HWDRUMS, Multiply-Music and TapMaths.

All of the aforementioned brands are led by our Executive Board who take a hands-on approach to ensuring our business lives up to it's reputation for being 100% trusted, reliable and inspirational in everything we do.

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What do people say?

Zach has loved every session. He comes home with new maths he has learnt but also drumming, thanks. Really he enjoys his sessions so much would recommend to anyone.
Huw is a genius, just amazing with my 10yr old son, just knows how to connect with him in a really natural way. Huw is also incredibly entertaining for parents and to watch him in action on the drums is just fantastic.