Simple design is key. Therefore, all our services and applications are designed with this in mind. No barriers, no friction.

Design in real-time

Our applications are designed to allow the teachers to alter applications and receive instant reports. Students also have the capability to compete with one another in real-time and show off their skills.


Here at HW Trading Group the user is in control. Therefore, with practical lesson plans parents choose their teachers, lesson times, regularity and how each lesson plan is undertaken. This is also the case with our applications, giving parents and teachers the ability to choose what their students learn.


Communication is key as this allows parents and teachers to feel heard and respected. With this in mind, our applications and services are designed to allow free communication. For example, in our applications for our practical lesson plans, parents can chat with their teachers and move lesson times each week to suit them.

Offering A Variety Of Services

Mission Statement


Being valued is a truly essential part of HW Trading Group and this extends all the way from our customers to our staff. We try our absolute upmost to make sure all our staff and customers feel heard and know that they can be themselves.

Kept Up To Date

Another key aspect of our mission is to ensure that all customers and staff are kept up to date with current affairs and progression and that everybody is on the same page and following the same passion of achieving the very best service.

Full Control

Here at HW Trading Group we ensure that customers are in control. We focus on this element as we believe that if a customer is in full control (even when it comes to minimal contract subscriptions) that they will continue to be a loyal customer.


HW Trading Group is an incredibly fast paced business that continues to look for new ways to improve its services. This can only be achieved however by speaking directly with our customers and staff so we continuously communicate with all and change what's desired.

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