Multiply Music

Multiply-Music is a truly revolutionary service that combines mathematics with music. Here students learn all areas of the national curriculum as well as all graded drums, guitar and piano exams via competitive gameplay.

This service is designed to accommodate the modern learner and to engage those who struggle with concentration. Have you ever tried playing a drum beat and then answering a math question or competed in a dance competition whilst solving strategic challenges? This service is designed to make learning FUN!

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Zap Maths

Welcome to efficiency, productivity and engaging gameplay. Zap Maths was created so that all can enjoy the services offered at Multiply-Music via app form!

This application will not only teach students the entire national curriculum via rhythmic learning, but allow them to compete against one another and create custom profiles and avatars. This application was not only designed to allow all to enjoy, but was created to streamline teacher’s workload. Therefore, all lesson plans and games are fully customised to the teachers preferences and feedback is instantly recorded so that you can see exactly what the students have learnt and how long it took. Zap Maths literally allows the teachers to create their own custom application!

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SESHH Music Tuition

Welcome to excellence. SESHH Music is designed for those who want to be the best of the best! Here students experience high level tuition that focuses on graded drums, guitar & piano exams.

Not only this, but our unique syllabus trains all students in the art of video production and live performances. Therefore, when students become of a certain ability they are taught and asked to create their very own professional video productions. Meaning students are taught: how to direct film crews, arrange transport to and from film locations, how to edit audio and video content, all major safety responsibilities required and much more!

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Finding a personal trainer that suits your specifications used to be a daunting and difficult task, but not anymore. SteyFit is a hugely efficient online directory that tells you of all the personal trainers in your local area!

Now you’re in control and your new personal trainer is just one click away.

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